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NAI Harcourts Rinnovate Business Brokers

Specialising in businesses up to $10m Melbourne - Regional Vic - Southern NSW

Business brokers and advisers who specialise in helping business owners

This simple philosophy embodies everything we do at Rinnovate. From our coaching modules to our business sales directory, our buyer advocacy service to our business advice consultations. 

Our commercial approach is all about increasing the value of your business – whether you want to sell it, grow it or simply increase your sales and profits.  There are very few business consulting or business broker firms that have such expertise and hands on experience assisting business owners to buy and sell. 

Our team brings three key aspects to the important process of the sale of a business:

Expertise: we have the in-house expertise to properly analyse and value a business prior to offering it for sale, and then to manage all aspects of the sale, including the purchaser’s due diligence process, a financier’s review process, and managing third party stakeholders such as franchisors and landlords.  We also screen the business to evaluate if it is ‘sale-ready’ and, if not, recommend exactly what you need to do to get it there.

Energy: we devote rigorous attention to follow-up of leads; we bring enthusiasm to the sale process; and we bring a determination to persist until we achieve a sale.

Ethics: we don’t just chase a quick sale to the detriment of our vendors; we won’t take on listings where something is “not quite right”; and we bring the highest standards of professional conduct to the business sale process. 

On behalf of our vendors, we prepare a detailed information and marketing presentation to provide to potential buyers. Our advertising and marketing activities are wide-ranging, including use of social media, other electronic and print media, and direct marketing.

We screen buyer enquiries prior to providing any information about a business, to ensure the potential buyer is a suitable candidate for the acquisition. Strict confidentiality procedures are in place for protection of sensitive vendor information. 

In summary, we manage the entire sale process for the vendor, providing them a seamless and hassle-free sale experience, while also providing guidance and assistance to prospective buyers throughout the transaction. 

NAI Harcourts Rinnovate is proud to offer this unique combination of business services to give your business a distinct commercial advantage.

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