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Buyers Advocacy

Due Diligence

Take advantage of our due diligence service

If you have seen a business that you want to buy on another listing, directory, or via an independent vendor, we recommend you take advantage of our professional and exclusive Buyers Advocacy service. The service includes comprehensive due diligence reporting and is the best way to ensure you are getting value for your investment.

Lower your risk so you can maximise your return

Buying a business contains inherent risks. The primary one being the need to verify that you are getting what you pay for and that the vendor is not hiding crucial information from you.

With so many years experience across all aspects of buying, selling, running and advising businesses there is no better way to insure your risk than to engage Rinnovate's Buying Advocacy service.

Rinnovate can carry out due diligence on any  independent business you are considering purchasing, not listed on our site.

Answer concerns about all of the following: 

•  Is this business suitable for me? 
•  Is it worth the price? 
•  Does it really make the profit that the vendor  says it makes? 
•  What is the outlook for the business? 
•  Will I be able to run it?

These questions are pressing and you should not purchase a business unless you can confidently answer every single one. The problem is, your knowledge of the business and industry you are buying into, along with information available to you from the vendor may not be sufficient. 

This is where external, expert advice is essential. Rinnovate is delighted to offer this service for due diligence research, advice and advocacy you can trust absolutely.