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How We Work With You

How We Work With You

We start by listening to what you need.

People buy businesses for a myriad of reasons. We want to know what your reason is. That way we can match the right buyers to the best businesses and cut down on a whole lot of unnecessary legwork and blind alleys.

Our confidential consultative process is designed to cover: 

•  Your business experience
•  Current financial situation and obligations
•  The ideal business type and industry for you
•  Lifestyle needs
•  Future hopes and ambitions
•  All the practicalities such as location, size,  staffing, clientele
•  Owner operator needs and expectations
•  Businesses for investors

Our networks spread far and wide and we will search for the kind of business you want to buy. 

An ongoing business relationship 

Rinnovate is interested in long term, fruitful business relationships. Helping you buy your business is one step. Growing that business, buying another one, investing in other businesses, knowing when to sell. These are the services we offer beyond getting you to your deed of purchase.