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Buyers Advocacy Service

Personalised Business Buying Services

Our Buyers Advocacy Service aims to make the journey of purchasing a business as seamless as possible.


Regardless if the business you’re interested in is via an independent vendor, directory or another listing, we’ll approach it with complete due diligence reporting ensuring you are fully informed about all aspects of a potential purchase.


We’ll help you streamline the search process and remove the associated stresses and hassles of buying a business. Importantly, you’ll feel the confidence of knowing you are not paying more than you should for the business and have a fully transparent view of the business financials and operations.

How we work with you

  1. You inform us of the business you’re interested in
  2. Our buyer’s agents perform thorough research and investigations into ensuring you secure the right business for the right price
  3. Due diligence and a full assessment will be conducted to identify the validity of how the business claims to be performing including an assessment of fair market value
  4. We’ll ensure that you’re completely aware of the financial, compliance and lifestyle commitments involved with purchasing such a business
  5. We’ll be with you throughout the entire journey right up until the purchase has gone through.

Benefits of our Buyers Advocacy Service

By engaging in our Buyers Advocacy Service, we aim to give our buyers a tailored service that takes care of the full process for and with you. From research to negotiations, accountancy, compliance and business advisory we’ll save you time and money and help you achieve a happy outcome. Benefits of our Buyers Advocacy Service include:

  • Removing the strains and worries of going through a complex buying process alone
  • Giving our buyers a competitive edge by providing them with up to date research and background information relating to the business that they’re interested in
  • Streamlined search and acquisition process – we place ourselves between you and the agent/broker, ensuring that the right questions are asked
  • Helping you to locate the exact business that you’re looking for (even if it’s not listed) to match your budget, location, lifestyle and capabilities
  • Providing our buyers with extra information that the vendor may not have divulged in the listing
  • Once a suitable business has been found, we’ll conduct thorough due diligence as well as price negotiations, and advise on how to capitalise upon your investment.

Specific benefits of utilising NAI Harcourts Rinnovate

At NAI Harcourts Rinnovate, we place a large emphasis on delivering trust as well as tailoring our services exactly to your needs.  With our experience, position and connections in the market, we have grown to achieve a large network of national and international sellers/organisations. This gives us an extremely wide reach when it comes to finding you the right business for the right price.

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