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Selling a Business

Selling a Business

When planning to sell a business it’s of paramount importance to ensure that you’ve got all bases covered.  More often than not, when a business sells, the owner will have wished that they had secured a higher price. 


When listing your business, it’s also important to undergo comprehensive research of the market, your competitors and your own business.  Without considering all three areas, you run the risk of either undervaluing your business or listing it at a price which is too high for the current market.

We’re here to help

At NAI Harcourts Rinnovate, we have a dedicated team of business brokers which will take the stress, uncertainty and emotion out of selling your business and ensure you get the best price for your hard-earned business asset.  Our team works on facts and accurate data which are derived from the extensive research conducted to help you capitalise on market demand and ensuring your business is sale ready. To get started, have a look at the following pages which are designed to help guide you through the selling process.


Request a business appraisal today

Use the following link to gain access to an obligation-free business appraisal. Just rememberwhen selling your business, you never want to have it undervalued or overvalued. To find the right price, the right amount of research needs to be conducted first.

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