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Selling a Business

Selling a Business

Selling a business? How to find the right buyer at the best price

These are the tenets of successfully selling a business. It makes sense therefore, that only a broker who understands total business operations, business value, market trends and buyer needs can really do you and your business justice.

Engaging a regular business broker or going through a directory service will limit the expertise you have available to you and potentially expose you to great risk, complicated processes and unsatisfactory returns.

The benefits of selling a business through Rinnovate:

Trust  – we will appreciate and appropriately value your business
Confidentiality  – we deal directly and discreetly with you to avoid staff or competitors being exposed to inappropriate information. At the vendor’s option, businesses can also be listed for sale without any disclosure of the actual identity of the business

Market expertise  – we have knowledge of current market trends across all industries and so can advise you when and how best to sell
Return  – this business may be your biggest asset, its sale the most significant financial decision of your life. We ensure that your risk is minimised, your fees are as low as possible and that you sell your business for its full worth.

If you want help selling a business

Rinnovate will advise you on everything from valuing your business through getting it sale ready and helping find an appropriate buyer. The extra advice, business acumen and industry knowledge you get may make the difference between a break even sale and a healthy profit. One of the most important financial transactions of your life deserves full and proper advice and attention.